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Saifan Olive Oil

SAIFAN Olive Oils are produced by cold pressing hand-picked olives from the KOURA VALLEY without the addition of any solvents.

Our oil is bottled in its natural state without the use of any additives. It has NO cholesterol and is not affected by light cooking.

Our products are presented in glass gallons, glass bottles and tins. Our Extra Virgin and Virgin Olive Oils are made by the pressing of hand-picked green olives and will satisfy the most differing and demanding tastes. Our Olive Oil rounds out our line with a mild, sweet aroma and taste.

Because of our process, our oil is 100% percent natural, good tasting, and good for your health – and it may even help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. With quality control testing that we conduct at our modern laboratory, and with a developed organoleptic examination of the olive oil that we obtain from the KOURA PLAINS on the MEDITERRANEAN, we provide the highest quality olive oil that satisfies international standards and meets the needs and preferences of our customers worldwide.

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